Apply for Help

If you wish to apply for assistance (or if a potential beneficiary has been identified), this application form should be printed, filled in, signed by the potential beneficiary, and sent by Royal Mail to The Grants Officer, at the address indicated on the Reference Form. As a guarantee against postal delay or loss, a copy should also, if possible, be sent online to

Two referees are needed, to vouch for the authenticity of the application and to add any supporting comments. The reference form should be downloaded, completed and sent online to the Grants Officer. If the matter is urgent, it is particularly important that communication be online. (In addition, each original signed document should be submitted by Royal Mail to the same address as the application form). The Grants Officer undertakes to establish authenticity by at least one telephone call, to either of the referees.

Please type or write in block capitals. If there is insufficient space, please continue on a separate sheet and attach it to the form.